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Sunday, July 22, 2012

TV Dinners

They just don't make 'em like they used to:

Anyone still remember Libbyland? I do.

Here's a Swanson's ad fron 1975. This was seen during the W.I.N! (Whip Inflation Now) campaign of President Ford. And just LOOK at all the meat you're getting! A thigh, a drumstick and a wing. Even my mom saw through that one and bought the more expensive stuff. She knew you didn't feed a kid like me on a meal that barely qualified as a snack for the North Korean army:

And finally, who could forget THIS one. Banquet specialised in frozen "family" entrees in this long-played '60s commerical - well into the '70s....

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  1. As a child, we were allowed ONE tv dinner a year...The night of the Fireman's Ball...They were the pirate themed one, and we always went on a treasure hunt to find it, thus keeping busy with the craft project that we found, and the dinner at the end. Fun stuff. I must say, I never liked mashed potatoes with a crunchy edge...so, I dig the microwave version(s).


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