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Stuffy Legal Crap

History's Dumpster is a blog dedicated to the preservation of pop culture and off-beat history that would be otherwise ignored or overlooked. And dismissed and discarded. Hence the name History's Dumpster.

History's Dumpster tries to, wherever possible, use images in the Public Domain, through Creative Commons and reserves the right to publish images and audio and video links under the Fair Use Doctrine under United States law. No unauthorized copyright infringement is intended

All information contained herein is researched to the best of my ability and while I work diligently to keep it as accurate as possible, History's Dumpster is not the Encyclopedia Britannica and I am prone to occasional error. Or forgetfulness. As such, History's Dumpster is for entertainment purposes only. Corrections are welcome, but subject to review and verification.

Feel free to use the information contained in my blog posts for your own online use, but please link to them.

Any opinions contained in History's Dumpster blog posts are my own (except where noted) and do not reflect those of it's partners, Blogger and Google Inc. Comments published likewise are those of their writers and do not necessarily reflect those of History's Dumpster or Yours Truly. All comments are the property of History's Dumpster

Some posts, images, audio and video links contained in History's Dumpster may be offensive to some, inappropriate for others and not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

Most images have been found via Google search and History's Dumpster does not claim them as their own, images used will not be edited or tampered with and given credit where possible. If anyone wishes a image to be credited or removed, please contact me.

History's Dumpster does not sell any product. Nor does it accept unsolicited advertising, product reviews or other schemes from outside marketers.

History's Dumpster is not an appraisal service. Please do not ask for values of products as I am not an appraiser.

Due to the massive amounts of daily spam I receive, I no longer read or publish comments. 

I do not like spammers, trolls, PEOPLE WHO TYPE IN ALL CAPS, right-wing reactionaries, religious nuts, racists, homophobes, plutocrats and other miscreants. Be cool. 

- Larry

Updated 1/21/19