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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Teddy & Darrel


Two guys, both look like they've just escaped from a St. Patrick's Day parade and for whatever reason, one guy is now chasing the other with a whip through a field of ivy.

The album's title is These Are The Hits YOU SILLY SAVAGE!!!! 

And then it gets weird......

I found this record whilst surfing the WFMU Blog for strange music to share. And I hit solid gold with this one.

Imagine if two stereotypical gay guys got some studio time and recorded an album of cover versions of then current pop hits (for 1966). 

Then somehow talked a super square, conservative record mogul (Mike Curb, best known as the producer of The Osmonds biggest early '70s hits) into releasing this record on his own label at that time, Mira Records. 


That was all I knew about this record. So I had to do some research on this one.

More solid gold....

I'll let J.D. Doyle explain it from here:

"Teddy & Darrel released an LP called "These Are the Hits, You Silly Savages." And the super-stereotypical limp-voiced "Strangers In The Night" was the 45 from that album. The story I heard on this one is that the album was an effort to track homosexuals. Here's the plan, you release an album, and track the sales of it to see where those creatures live. The record label was owned by Mike Curb, the then future mega successful record producer and future very conservative lieutenant governor of California. The plan didn't work because record sales were just too spread out....." J.D. Doyle, http://www.queermusicheritage.us/


Now with that, let's actually HEAR a few tracks from this record. 

Prepare to ROTFLYAO. 

Side One

1. Hungry (MP3)
2. Wild Thing (MP3)

You can hear the rest of it on WFMU's Beware Of The Blog here.

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  1. No - this one gets a ROTFLMFAO. They do get extra credit though for nearly perfect diction.


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