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Friday, July 06, 2012

The Staar Galaxy 4 Speed Record Changer


  1. oh my LORD that's cool! I want one!

    1. I had one in 1958 when I was a teenager, it did look cool but it was a B.O.S.

    2. It was probably imported. At that time, imported electronics REALLY sucked compared to American made (and they still do.) Especially today because they're ALL imported.

      Some companies do a better job than others. I have a Sony STR-VX300 (from 1983. One of the very first receiver/amps designed for the first "home theater" setups and after 30 years of CONSTANT daily use, I've only had to replace the fuses ONCE. And with a separate decoder, does Dolby 4.0 BEAUTIFULLY.


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