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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Highlights For Children

When I was a little kid (before I discovered Mad and later, Rolling Stone, Highlights was my favourite magazine.

It was fun and simple reading. And who could forget Goofus & Gallant? All I know is who had offspring. And it wasn't Gallant (even then, I was expecting a "coming out" issue of some kind.)

The articles were mostly factoids and basic American history. But it was the way they were written that I liked. Although Highlights avoided controversial topics of any kind (which during the years of Watergate hearings breaking into my favourite afternoon cartoon shows and my mom calling Nixon a duplicitous lying son of a bitch at the TV, wasn't such a bad thing.) I was already hearing enough of it.



  1. Highlight for Children... in the Dentist Office waiting room... And I will never be able to break that terrifying connection.

  2. Something about that edition -- seemed like it was in many, many a doctor's waiting room.


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