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Monday, July 23, 2012

Matchbox Cars

Do kids still play with these anymore?

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  1. Hmm...seems the page refreshed itself and my post got wiped...:-(
    Yes, my 4 yr old plays with my old matchbox toys. I decided to pass them onto him...reluctantly as I had them from my childhood. And they are still in good nic. :-D
    But I only had 15 of them left. My son would go nuts if he had that many toys to choose from. Look at all those matchbox's there. So I am looking to buy more on the net now. Seems there are quite a few around surprisingly.
    So if you have rescued these from the trash, well, good on you. Great nostalgia. And they beat the crap out of this new age rubbish we have on the shelves now.
    Damned safety police inside our homes now. Need to shove them back down the hole. Plastic toys!! Bah!..


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