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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Song For Sunday: "Trust In Me" Katy Perry (Hudson) (2001)

Before we knew Katy Perry as the pop MEGA star we know her as today, she was another run of the mill Contemporary Christian pop singer (named Katy Hudson.)

She released an album in this genre, ate her vegetables and was a good girl overall. But suddenly, her Christian label, Red Hill records shut down. Her total album sales: 100 copies.

But Katy eventually found out which side her bread was buttered on. And the rest is history...... 



  1. ... and now she wants to see your Peacock-cock-cock.

    1. I'll say this for so-called Contemporary Christian music - It's only for the naive. Artists in this genre are NEVER as wholesome and squeaky clean as their labels tout them to be. But what makes the CCM music industry even sleazier, more ruthless and cutthroat than the secular music industry is we KNOW how scandalous the secular business is. The CCM business adds the naiveness and sheep mentality of your typical CCM fan and fosters itself as a clean and "family friendly" alternative. The whole time BANKING on the naiveté of your typical Christian music fan.

    2. They have an out that works to their advantage when it come to CC... - well "C" anything:

      "I gots God! God forgave me!"

      "Oops - I did a bad thing. I sorry."

      "God forgave me again! Now that I have your attention for being bad, buy more of my 'good' recordings!"

      Lather, rinse and repeat.

      Naive? *Very*.


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