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Thursday, July 19, 2012

FM Radio Cassettes

During the Walkman craze of the '80s, headset stereo manufacturers came up with this. It's a device that turns your cassette player into an FM radio.

The tuning was difficult, the reception usually limited to local stations and the selectivity almost non-existent.  

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  1. Neener - I found an AM radio version. I have never been able to try it though (probably just as well...) due to lack of battery power. I think it uses "N" size batteries - remember those?

    Never could understand the point - or functionality - of these things. For a Walkman, once you inserted the thing and closed the door you had no access to the controls. You *could* in most cases get around this by inserting the tuner underneath the cassette holding tabs on the door - leaving you with a Walkman where you could not close the door while using the tuner. The Akai shown is the only example of a Walkman I have see that appears to be designed to address the issues of access to the controls on the tuner.

    God bless miniaturization: It didn't take long for them to actually cram the tuners onto the circuit board of the Walkman itself, rendering this concept thankfully obsolete.


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