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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Song For Sunday: "I Like God's Style" Isabel Baker (1965)

Imagine what Cher would sound like if she just dropped everything in 1964, became a born again Christian and never practiced singing again and you have Isabel Baker.

If you click on this album cover and look closely, you'll also notice Isabel Baker also has a prominent Adam's Apple, broad shoulders, large hands and a large nose. Which might explain a lot about, um, her (?) voice ....
 Isabel Baker made this out-of-tune atrocity "I Like God's Style", probably the earliest known attempt at making what is now known as Contemporary Christian Music.

Not much else is known about Isabel Baker or this record other than it was released on the Wichita, KS label Romco (not Ronco) Records. And almost nobody bought it.

This record resurfaced in the last few years in the record collector underground and is now a cult favourite amongst the aficionados of strange and bizarre records.


  1. That is a amazing record.
    Isabel Baker has more talent than all of the autotuned skank divas combined.

  2. My... God... It's like someone hit puberty and their hormones couldn't figure out what to do.

    Wonder if he/she/whatever played on the varsity football team?


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