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Monday, July 09, 2012

Holly Hobbie

 When I was a kid. Holly Hobbie used to scare me.

It's not that she was just some creepy mass marketed doll-product from a greeting card company (like Hello Kitty) that my sister and just about ever girl in the early to mid '70s liked.. It was also the fact that Holly Hobbie was supposedly a 10 year old girl, but with the look and homeliness of an 80 year old grandmother.
Only grandmas use coin purses!

You never saw her actual face. Her illustrations were always a side-shot, her entire head was always hidden behind a HUGE blue bonnet, adding further to the creepiness.

What Holly Hobbie's face looked like in the minds of elementary school age boys in the '70s....

How many elementary school girls to the nearest million in the '70s owned a lunch box exactly like this one?

And there was really nothing exciting about Holly Hobbie. She was homely and dull, as were most of the girls who collected her merchandise back then. A girl who liked Holly Hobbie back then usually wasn't the kind of girl who also liked to go dirt biking in the mud with the boys.

Nope, they were content to make things in their Easy-Bake ovens and stare at their collector plates on the shelf...

Utterly the very worst Holly Hobbie product I can remember is this atrocity. A phonograph with a fake gramophone horn

.....and apparently, some knucklehead recently brought it back.....

Fake gramophone horns in the vinyl age look STUPID!

Holly Hobbie began disappearing from girls bedrooms and lunchboxes soon after Andy Gibb and Leif Garrett came out. And the once quiet and homely Holly Hobbie girls were soon replaced by packs of chatty, disco crazed groupie wannabes who swooned over every issue of 16 and Tiger Beat magazine and couldn't hold even the most casual conversation with other boys without mentioning one of these guys and their starry-eyed adoration of them and visions of their future plans together - BLEECH! And suddenly, Holly Hobbie didn't seem so bad to us after all.

And they still didn't want to go dirt biking in the mud.....

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  1. "Utterly the very worst Holly Hobbie product I can remember is this atrocity. A phonograph with a fake gramophone horn"

    But Holly Hobbie apparently wants it - or she's worshiping it - can't decide.

    C'mon. It has a "BSR 'professional' turntable." How bad could it possible be? (Gag...)


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