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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Schoolhouse Rock!

Schoolhouse Rock! was a series of educational shorts that ran Saturday mornings on ABC-TV from 1973 to 1985 and for a generation became a regular part of our Saturday mornings.

I remember when my mom first heard "Unpack Your Adjectives"

She looked at the TV and said "That's Blossom Dearie"

"What?" I asked

"The person singing this is Blossom Dearie" she said

"Why are you calling me dearie?

My mom rolled her eyes.

"I mean the person singing this song on TV! She's Blossom Dearie!"

"Why are you calling her 'dearie'? You don't even know her."

My mom facepalmed.

"One more time.....Her NAME is Blossom Dearie!....That is her NAME! She was a jazz singer from back in my day. I saw her at a nightclub in San Fransisco when I was in nurses training"

"That's weird"

"And so are you."

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