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Friday, September 28, 2012

Lost '80s Pop Classic Week: "All Is Forgiven" (Red) Siren (1989)

For today's BONUS lost classic, we feature a band that no one knew what to make of when they came out. Were they metal? Were they pop? The music was metal looks and guitars, but Madonna-like vocals, lyrics and hooks. Mercury Records thought they had a blockbuster.

The band is Siren. And I still remember the early promo hype Mercury Records made over this 1989 album. First, it was supposedly the very first major label studio album that wasn't mastered on tape, but totally to digital hard drive - something that would be eventually be standard in the recording industry.

As for Siren, things didn't go so good. First, they were forced to legally change their name to Red Siren (reportedly after another band named Siren threatened to sue.) The first pressings of their All Is Forgiven LP/CD (under the name Siren) quickly became collector's items.

After a second single "One Good Lover" stalled in the lower reaches of the rock charts, they disbanded. Red Siren's bassist Jon Brandt went on to play in Cheap Trick briefly, but not much is known of the other members of the band.

That's how it goes in rock n' roll sometimes. So enjoy this little chestnut.....

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