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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Remember Alison Arngrim?

Otherwise known as the cruel "Nellie Oleson" of Little House On The Prairie fame, Alison took a stab at comedy records in the late '70s, releasing this rare album, a spoof of then First Daughter Amy Carter on the Laff label (and unlike Laff's usual album covers, which were pretty X rated, this one was one of the few Laff albums that could be found in the racks and not behind the counter.)  

It's pretty campy - OK, it was stupid (hey, it was amateur topical comedy from 1977. What did you expect from a 15 year old?) Also with the star of a family TV series, it was pretty obvious her range of material then also had it's limits.

But this record is one of those obscure '70s chestnuts a lot people don't know about.......

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