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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lopin' Along Through The Cosmos

 Seasoned astronauts will tell you one thing about the cosmos - it's a place you just don't go "lopin'" through (or "gallivanting" or "traipsing" either.)

The cosmos has no atmosphere. The human potential is zip without super high tech gear for survival in space. Oxygen tanks are mandatory as well as suits that can deflect dangerous cosmic rays from solar flares. The cosmos is also a vacuum. 

And this cover sucks too.

Ginni Clemmens - who passed away in 2005, was pretty much unknown outside the "women's music" folk scene of the '70s (one of the richest known sources of WTF album covers ever) At first glance, you might think you're getting one of those weird self-help records. But it's very much a folky album.

It's an album cover that seems to be inspired by a lot of hippie babble. And maybe peyote.

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