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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hey Love

I LOVE this commercial.

Three dudes and three chicks, they're at somebody's house, sitting SEPARATELY, doing nothing else but listen to the clock tick.

They are all silent, nobody is busting a move. Detention in Catholic school isn't this bad. And this is supposed to be a party. 

Then one of the guys mentions, almost as an afterthought "Hey y'all, I got a great new album in the mail today"

He puts the needle on the record, the girls begin to smile and everybody begins to dance.

Well, in spite of the fact that in real life, the girls wouldn't have even gotten out of the car, let alone put up with guys this lame. I guess it did sell some records. The selections on this 3 record set looked pretty good......

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  1. Before complete seasons of TV shows were available on DVD (or VHS for that matter), I used to tape reruns of 'Sanford and Son' from Channel 17, TBS Superstation (I'm showing my age). This was back around 1988 or so.

    Anyway, I have the series on DVD now but I sometimes watch those old VHS tapes to this day simply for the vintage commercials. This commercial was aired frequently back in the day during the reruns of 'Sanford and Son'. I would laugh every time it came on, especially the last bit where the guy asks the other if he could borrow the album, and the other guy says, "No, my brotha, you've got to buy your own!"



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