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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lost '80s Pop Classic Week: "More Than Just The Two Of Us" Sneaker (1981)

For this morning's Lost '80s Pop Classic Week Moments of Mush selection, I really cranked up the AC (as in "Adult Contemporary".)

If you REALLY want to get a woman in her '40s excited and asking "WHO SINGS THAT?" and "MY GOD, I HAVEN'T HEARD THIS SONG IN AGES!", whip this one out.

Sneaker was a one-hit wonder band of West Coast session musicians from the '70s and early '80s (the "If Toto Can Do It, We Can Too!" school.) They played on recording sessions for Steely Dan (and The Dan thanked them by writing them a tune, "Don't Let Me In" on their self titled debut album, where this tune comes from as well.)

Their name was inspired from a Steely Dan song, "Bad Sneakers".

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