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Monday, January 06, 2014

Before They Were Stars: Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar didn't just open the door for women in rock. This little woman with the HUGE voice absolutely KICKED the door in. Right off the hinges. 

But before her mega-platinum career one of as rock's most influential female superstars, she was.....a lounge singer

"Coxon's Army Live from Sam Miller's Exchange Cafe" (Trace Records, 1974), was produced as a reportedly unaired local TV special for Richmond, VA public TV station WCVE and is the very first album she appeared on.

This album also features a cover of "Theme From Shaft" but no indicator if she actually sang it (perhaps the female backing part.) This is a $500 record in mint condition. About 1,000 copies were pressed and that's a VERY short run for any record.

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"Respect" (1974)

"If He Walked Into My Life" (1974)

"Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man" (1974)

"Day Gig" Pat Benatar (1974) This is the first headlining single she ever recorded.

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  1. I scored one of these on eBay about 4 or 5 years ago. Cost me a few hundred dollars but well worth it! My package is complete with BOTH LP pressings (one on the Trace Label and one on the Sam Bradford Exchange Cafe label) and ALSO the "Day Gig" b/w "Last Saturday" 45. Definitely not parting with any of these! For the record, the "Theme from Shaft" is just a brief instrumental kicking off the album.

  2. "Respect" is actually quite good - except for the "sock it to me"'s. (I was expecting much worse when you said 'lounge singer'.)


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