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Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Wurlitzer C-110

The Wurlitzer C-110 (1972) was an unusual jukebox. Instead of playing 45 RPM records, it played cassette tapes.

The cassette tape was still a very new invention in the early '70s and it would be another decade before they rivaled the vinyl LP. This could play ten cassettes, individual sides or whole cassettes. 

This video shows the mechanics of this jukebox and while it claims there were cassette singles for this machine, the cassette single was a product of the '80s. More likely, it played entire albums on cassette, as 20 songs is a pretty pathetic selection for any jukebox. 

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  1. I just happen to own one. Had several as a business 30 years ago, and still have spares.


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