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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Picking Up Girls Made Easy! (Symphony Press, 1975)

If there's one product that illustrates the very lengths of what some men will do to keep from being lonely, it's mail order records like this.

Now I'm not sure how many copies this sold, but I would love to hear some 2014 female critiques of this record. For example, I imagine "The Women's Clothing Store Pick-up" would send sirens going off in the minds of store employees alone before he even got within 50 feet of you.

"Huh-uh-huh-uh-huh....Hey Beavis....We're gonna score....."
And when was the last time you met an, ummm, persuasive (and presumably straight) guy at the ballet.... 

Listen to it here (from 365 Days Project.)


  1. The cover of that album looks a little like the movie poster for the 1973 drive-in classic THE ROOMMATES. Great flick that's never been available on home video in any way, shape or form but hopefully will be finally see the light of day on DVD soon (Dark Sky Films has been sitting on this one for several years now after releasing most of the rest of the Arthur Marks titles they acquired)


  2. I can't see or hear that album without thinking 'Ted Bundy'.
    Creepy on so many levels.


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