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Monday, October 01, 2012

"The Bluebird Of Happiness" Jan Peerce (1958 Version)

Folks in the Puget Sound and the Sacramento areas will remember this song as the sign off song of KCPQ-TV 13 Tacoma and KCRA-TV 3 Sacramento before the stations went 24 hours (and filled their overnight schedules with crappy, boring infomercials instead of those awesome old, black and white and made-for-tv movies Kelly Televison used to specialize in for KCPQ in the '80s before KCPQ affiliated with Fox.)

                            (Why am I suddenly craving Spaghetti-O's")

Jan Peerce was an awesome opera singer, ranking right up there with Mario Lanza, Luciano Pavarotti and Enrico Caruso. A really powerful voice - with style to spare. It was MADE for the theater.

And this song is PURE CLASS.

The version on the YouTube video seems to be the mono version. I'm thinking about buying a copy of the Living Stereo version. With the way RCA Victor mastered (and I do mean MASTERED) their old Living Stereo vinyl albums from the late '50s, I'll bet it sounds FANTASTIC!.......

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