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Monday, October 08, 2012

Halloween Hits: "The Mummer's Dance (Radio Single Version)" Loreena McKennitt (1997)

It's amazing how so many people get Loreena McKennitt mixed up with Enya. And contrary to widespread urban legend - and one of my pet peeves when talking to the utterly CLUELESS about the song - Enya NEVER sang backup on the chorus on this radio single remix. That was just an overdub of Loreena McKennitt's voice in a different key. I have the radio promo CD and nowhere on it does Enya's name pop up ANYWHERE.

"The Mummer's Dance" hit #14 on the Top 40 radio charts in 1997.

So what's a mummer and why is it dancing?


Loreena McKennitt also had another creepy earlier Canadian hit single "All Souls Night" (1991)

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