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Friday, October 26, 2012

And now, a walk down the soda aisle of yesteryear...

All of the above photos and more memories @ http://www.usasoda.com/
Here's more:
MY-TE-FINE (a brand distributed by Fred Meyer stores):
My-Te-Fine root beer

From http://www.rootbeerworld.com/ & Toby Singer.
Sunny Jim (a Washington State brand, more famous for their Peanut Butter. But they also branched out into other goods including canned foods and bread):
Sunny Jim root beer

Cragmont (a Safeway brand)::
Cragmont root beer 


  1. I don't remember Tab having all those flavors, but I definitely remember Diet Rite coming in several different flavors.

    1. One flavor of Tab was more than sufficient.


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