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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Halloween Hits: "Halloween" King Diamond (1986)

King Diamond was the Marilyn Manson of the '80s. A self proclaimed Satan worshipper and frontman of the occult-metal band Mercyful Fate who went solo with a new band in 1986. He plays with both bands today.

If not exactly the most ORIGINAL guy on earth......

Pete Wentz? OK, yeah, he came later.....But see what Satanic music does to you, kids?
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate were popular with hardcore metal fans, but had virtually no commercial rock radio airplay (that darned devil warshipping thang put most major rock radio station managers teeth on edge.) It also didn't help their label, Roadrunner Records (now home to Nickelback.) was still a struggling Dutch independent until the '90s.

This is off King Diamond's first full album, Fatal Portrait. 

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