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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School Lunches

Ahhhh.....The delicious, irresistible public school lunch........

Oh hell, they were horrible.

At elementary schools in the Edmonds School District in the '70s, school lunches consisted of a weekly rotating menu of:

- Some Slop Over Rice or Mashed Potatoes: This wasn't the official name of it on the menus that went home to our parents and I can't remember what they billed it as. This was just what the lunch ladies themselves called it.

The slop itself varied in colour from a pinkish beige to a gelatinous brown substance, both with bits of an unknown meat by-product.

An Edmonds School District lunch lady making slop......
 - Cheese Pizza

- Hot Dog (This was infamously called on the menus - are you ready for this? A "Wiener Wink".)

- Sloppy Joe: Ubiquitous on EVERY school lunch menu in America to this day

- Fish Sticks

-  Burrito

-  Taco

- Spaghetti

And the list went on.

I found a very disturbing web site recently. One that's actually quite shocking, considering we should be feeding our kids (who've committed NO crimes) better than THIS.....



  1. For whatever reason, in my elementary school, they would call the fish sandwiches served every Friday by a variety of names.."Ocean Burgers", "Sea Sandwiches", etc. My favorite school lunch was ALWAYS the ravioli.

  2. We were never so lucky as to have fish sandwiches. A handful of fish sticks and a dollop of tartar sauce. Done.

  3. I liked school lunches back in the 70's. I particularly liked the Pizza.

  4. Back in the 80s, we had that rectangular pizza in high school, but in elementary and middle schools, the lunch ladies made the pizzas fresh every morning. They were made to fit a large sheet pan and then cut into rectangles to serve. I remember those early pizzas having crumbled hamburger and cheese on them instead of pepperoni or sausage, but they were so good——homemade crust and all!

  5. Oh, and the school menu always listed hot dogs and hamburgers as "frankfurter on bun" and "beef patty on bun". Weird.


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