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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Wear-Ever Popcorn Pumper

The Wear-Ever Popcorn Pumper was a product from 1978 that used hot air to pop popcorn. It was a surprisingly good machine, albeit noisy as hell.

 Here's how they functioned.

I still have mine and I still use it. It's healthier than nuking microwave popcorn. And a lot cheaper.


  1. We got the same machine which my dad bought in 81. It was lying idle since 89 or 90. Turned it on today and it works! Gonna get some corn and have a great evening. This is a brilliant product and its so well built. 80's sure did rock on every count.

    1. My wear ever popcorn pumper, it really says that on the table by the on and off switch. I grew up with this exact machine, my mom recently gave it to me and works great! However,as when it first came out and we used it, the butter melted is fun but melt extra.

  2. I had a Presto air popper that had a problem - eventually the clear yellow plastic top thingy cracked into unusable shards from the heat stress.

    It took forever to find a GOOD replacement - a used Wearever in a Goodwill store. There are a lot of BAD ones out there in the $10.00 drug store appliance departments. Don't even think about it - all they do is sprew hot unpopped kernels everywhere.

    Air popped is my favorite option. There is something about microwave stuff - it comes out spongy, a bit soggy and soft being in a bag with all that moisture trapped inside while popping. I know the minions love it but I sure don't.


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