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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Name Brand Knockoff Mania!


  1. Some of them are pretty darned brave with the names and packaging, although I liked the "Ohio" cookies pictured there, and the "not butter!" tubs.

    And how many "Dr. Pepper"-type generic brand names are there? Dr. Rocket, Dr. Skipper, Dr. Bold, Dr. Thunder...the list is never-ending!

    1. I lost count of how many Dr. Pepper knockoffs too. As well as the fake Mountain Dew. But the Queen Mother of them all are the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter ripoffs. There are so many, I'm going to make a whole post of them. And maybe one for the Dr. Pepper clones too.

  2. The "Johnny Worker Red Labial" should have been labeled "crotch whiskey."

  3. Those knock off headphones probably sound better than the real ones.

  4. OMG the Johnnie Worker Red Labial!


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