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Saturday, September 05, 2015

K-Tel's Bigfoot Snowshoes


  1. Local VO Insert: "Available at Woolworth, Woolco, Kresge, McCrory, McClellan, Caldor, Bradlees, Hills, Zayre, Fedco, Gemco, and select Ben Franklin stores."

    1. Don't forget Korvette's along with the half-zillion other East Coast/Midwest discount and department store chains you mentioned that never had franchises here in the Seattle area. (We never had a Kresge store. Or a Woolco, but we did have their national chains, Kmart and Woolworth's respectively in nearly every other zip code.)

      I've only seen a few Ben Franklin stores here. But they were mostly craft stores with a few household items and they were in really small towns and far too remote for the Seattle area shopper. I think they're all gone now.


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