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Monday, July 15, 2013

Z-Rock Radio

Remember these guys?

Z-Rock was a national hard rock radio network from the late '80s to December 1996. Z-Rock was very popular with the headbanger metal crowd. They were heard over some FM stations, but most of Z-Rock's affiliates were third tier local AM stations that didn't find much success in any other format.

Z-Rock's days were numbered once the Seattle Grunge Revolution hit nationwide in 1992 and music tastes started changing towards alternative rock. In October 1993, the network further exacerbated their demise by pulling the plug on their AM affiliates and going FM only. As the network dwindled, so did their remaining affiliates until Z-Rock was taken off the air by their parent company, SMN Networks. However, the remaining local affiliates were allowed to retain the Z-Rock logo and imaging for their stations.....

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