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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yes! We Have A Cure For That!: Drug Advertisements You'll NEVER See Today.....


  1. Nowadays we have all those pharmaceutical ads that keep springing up for X ailment. My favorite of these was for Vytorin (for the "two types of cholesterol") and featured people that looked very much like a given food item. The ads then go on to list all the scary side effects (making you wonder if it's worth taking the drug in the first place). The truly scary part is that within six months or so you'll probably see ads from the law offices of James Sokolove regarding class action lawsuits for individuals using these pharmaceuticals.

  2. Yes, I never smoked but I remember a few of those "orphan" brands. King Sano... Tall 120s... and who could forget "wait 'til I finish my Saratoga"? One of my granny's friends was this little old lady who actually smoked Saratogas. My granny smoked Pall Mall reds and the smell of those used to burn my throat... she knew this gay guy who smoked Herbert Tareytons, nothing like Tareytons because the Herberts had cork tips but no filters. Weird. My mother smoked Marlboro reds which I thought must have had sulfur in them from the godawful smell... when I was in high school she switched to the lights (gold pack) which didn't smell as bad. A couple of years later she switched to different el cheapo generics because the branded ones started getting expensive. My great-grandmother and aunt used to smoke Salems... I remember once my mother ran out of Marlboro reds and bummed a pack of Salems off my ggm, later she said "the damn things tasted like candy---really sh***y".

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