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Sunday, July 06, 2014

"Wild Horses" Gino Vannelli (1987)

You might remember Gino Vannelli from....NO! He was not that guy who lip synched "Girl You Know It's True". Or that "Ice Ice Baby" dude.

Gino Vannelli was slightly less funkier. His biggest hits were the quintessential Adult Contemporary radio songs "The Wheels of Life", "I Just Wanna Stop" and "Living Inside Myself".

But I guess by 1985, he had an epiphany that can only happen when more people leave your concerts in tears than they did coming in. So he cut back on the soft sad stuff and began to rock a little, starting with the super catchy "Black Cars".

But he still had a way with a ballad. Which brings us to today's Lost Pop Classic. 1987's "Wild Horses".   

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