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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Many Names Of Santa Claus

United States of America, Canada - Santa Claus
Brazil - Papai Noel
China - Shengdan Laoren
Chile - Viejo Pascuero
Dutch - Sinter Klaas
England - Father Christmas
Europe - Saint Nicholas
Finland - Joulupukki
France - Père Noël
Germany - Sankt Nikolaus
Hawaii - Kanakaloka
Holland - De Kerstman
Hungary - Tel-apo/Mikulas/ Winter grandfather
India - Santa Claus, Baba
Italy - Babbo Natale
Japan - Hoteiosho
Lithuania - Kaledu Senelis
Morocco - Black Peter
Netherlands - Kerstman
Norway - Julenissen
Peru - Papa Noel
Poland - Swiety Mikolaj
Russia - Ded Moroz
Scandinavia - Julenisse
Spain - El Nino Jesus
Sweden - Tomten/Jultomten

1 comment:

  1. Wait, the word for "Santa Claus" in Spain is "Baby Jesus"? :x


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