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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Homemade Records

You know? There's a part of me that's REALLY kicking myself for not buying a similar Presto K-10 in Eastern Washington for $40 14 years ago. If I only known you could use disposable plastic plates as blanks...... 

It's straight, warm, tubey sounding lo-fi mono sound and disposable plate "vinyl" makes it perfect for recording punk or DYI/Outsider music 

1 comment:

  1. Neato! :)

    I have a very lo-fi 78 rpm only Reordio that I have been meaning to send out for an overhaul @ West Tech Services, but kept putting it off not knowing what to try for recording blanks. (What's the point of a working Recordio if you can't... actually record with it.) Thanks Larry!

    As the guy in the Recordio video found out: One problem with Recordio's is they are crystal everything: Crystal microphone, crystal record head, crystal playback cartridge - all prone to failure with age (used or not.) Swapping out a microphone is easy - just use another working microphone. Needing to get a crystal phono recording cartridge rebuilt... Let's just say it ain't cheap.


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