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Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Egg Colouring Kits


  1. There was also the Decor-Egger, where you put the egg in this contraption and turn it while coloring it with magic markers.

    Another one was "Shake An Egg", which had several different powder colors you would place in a bag (like making Shake-N-Bake chicken) and was messy as all hell.

  2. Did anyone else make an Easter Egg tree? We had to eat scrambled eggs for weeks to get up to this. Mom poked holes in both ends of the eggs to "blow" the innards out of the egg shells. (There were many, many fails in the process.) Once she got about three dozen - usable - empty egg shells collected out came the Paas kit to dye them. Glue some ribbon on one end, hang them from a suitably artsy looking dead tree branch.

    Then they came up with those plastic eggs at some point and the whole concept seems to have been blown out of the water.


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