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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

"Took The Last Train" David Gates (1978)

It happened sometimes on a lonely stretch of highway in Eastern Washington State.....Well, hell, Anywhere in the sticks of America back in the early 1980s. You'd grumble through how the then sparse FM radio dial tuning knob was back then and suddenly, somewhere, THIS song comes over some random soft rock FM frequency.....

And all you remember is you heard this song somewhere before. But you just can't remember WHO that what's-his-butt was who sang it was....

Yes, it's David Gates. The "If A Face Can Sink A Thousand Ships (Or as whatever we used to joke around it as)" David Gates. The same guy who we will always associate with the eternally sleepy sounding '70s pop group Bread. It was his first solo hit.

If you remember radio from back in the day, just play the whole song and see if the familiarity bug doesn't bite...


  1. This charted? Never heard of it. I know "Goodbye Girl" was a solo hit for him.
    You should check out his early solo singles from the 1960s -- some are under his name, and others use a pseudonym (like "Del Ashley"). The UK Girl Group crowd dug up a lot of the singles he produced/arranged for other artists on major labels (like RCA), and the work he did with studio musicians (like Glen Campbell). Don't judge him by Bread alone.

  2. Having played it - now I remember it - and now it shall be forgotten again. Lotto very mediocre stuff on the juke box in 1978.


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