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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Dudley's Easter Egg Colouring Kits

Remember Dudley the Easter....whatever it was....?

In the 1970s, you pretty much had two choices for Easter egg colouring kits. The cheap and traditional, but lame Paas kits (or the similar Chick Chick kits.)

 Or the more expensive and more interesting Dudley kits.

Dudley kits had more artistic variety, such as swirls and glitter.

But Dudley always resembled some 40something bachelor guy sitting next to you in a sports bar that you probably talked to after a few strong drinks. Not so much a cute fluffy bunny rabbit we associate with Easter.

Perhaps noticing this, the makers of Dudley gave him a makeover, Now he doesn't look like a fat cross-eyed buffoon.

But really, the "new" Dudley is.....Well....A little too cutesy?

1 comment:

  1. The old Dudley is the better Dudley. Mainly for purely nostalgic reasons :)


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