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Friday, April 04, 2014

Plastic Easter Grass

Like the similar shiny silver plastic tinsel for Christmas trees....

THIS evil crap (Luckily metal tinsel was replaced by shiny plastic in the 1970s.)
Plastic easter grass (and tinsel) are indisputably the worst holiday decorating products EVER.

Namely because by April, you're STILL picking out the strands of Christmas tinsel that shedded off the tree and now gums up the roller of your vacuum cleaner.

But plastic Easter grass is much worse. Because that stuff doesn't stay in one general area. If you have little kids, they throw that stuff everywhere. And just as you're trimming the Christmas tree once again, out of the corner of your eye in an overlooked edge of the wall, you see a shiny strand of green transparent plastic that gets your blood pressure up.....

Today however, biodegradable paper is often preferred (one ugly side effect of plastic grass is pets eat them. And plastic doesn't digest.) or even edible candy Easter grass.  

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