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Friday, February 21, 2014

"Benihana" Marilyn Chambers (1977)

Following on the heels of '70s porn star Andrea True, who scored a massive Top 40 hit with "More More More" (as The Andrea True Connection) in 1976. Fellow porn actress Marilyn Chambers tried her hand at disco-pop music, hoping for similar success. 

Oh well. Nice try.

And yes, it's all true, Marilyn Chambers was also the fresh faced young mom on the early '70s boxes of Ivory Snow laundry detergent (above.) Once Proctor & Gamble found out about her porn career, the box was quickly redesigned with a different model (below.)


  1. Good find. I didn't even know this one existed (and I was around at that time). It's not a promo, so it must have been selling somewhere.

  2. Scored a copy of this off eBay a few years ago, gotta love the way she lets it rip at the end. BTW next time you watch The Exorcist, watch for a cameo of the infamous Ivory Snow box, you'll see it during the scene with Chris and Father Karras in the basement ("that thing upstairs isn't my daughter! ").


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