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Friday, October 11, 2013

Bossa Nova

"The smooth Bossa Nova sound somehow gets horribly lost and ends up in Newark, New Jersey for this low-budget Diplomat release. If you’re looking for some kind of Stan Getz Verve samba, you’ve come to the wrong place. This record is best played on a big wood veneer stereo that’s the size of a small car. It’s one of those records that my parents might have picked up at the grocery store while they were buying cocktail weenies for the big “grown up” party Saturday night. There’s a real nice b-movie vibe going on here......." - The Thrift Store DJ

http://www.records.fruityfamily.com/?p=19 (Download on link)

And who were the Brasileros?

They were some pretty notable jazz musicians, brothers Bill Barron (tenor sax) and Kenny Barron (piano), Ron Carter (bass) and Charli Persip (drums) They were successful individually and as session players on many classic jazz albums and recorded for Diplomat during a pretty lean time in their careers. This was all I could gather on this particular 1962 album.

"Brasileros....Brazilians....They're all the same....."

But this was never printed on the jacket. Synthetic Plastics Co., like most budget record labels, never printed much in the way of liner notes and nothing on session information (but for some reason, they always made sure you knew the engineering data on the bottom of the back cover!)

I had to research the rest.

Very few albums released under pseudonyms on budget labels have any real stars on them. This group, Lou Reed and a few others are the only ones that come to my mind.....



  1. I own this LP and I must say it's just LOVELY. A very 1960s swanky vibe.

  2. I do too. It's one of the few '60s Diplomat albums that are REALLY collectible.

  3. I have this LP and LOVE it...right, total b-Movie vibe.


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