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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Amico AM Radio Wristwatch

Another watch I owned. It was an AM radio on a watch, circa 1979.

It didn't sound very good, coming from a two inch speaker. And in order to see the time, you had to press the lower right button, which the red digital LED display instantly caused a loud screeching noise that overrode the radio signal when the radio was on.

Reception was very limited (Seattle's KJR and KING, then Top 40 stations, which put in strong signals on most radios in the Lynnwood, WA area were barely audible on this radio. But the religious station two miles away in the nearby Edmonds area came in loud and clear.) 

It was also heavy and uncomfortable after a few minutes of wearing......


  1. This is a 70s version watch! Looks so advanced for that era.

  2. Didnt knew watches were that advanced in 70s.

  3. The first radio watches were radios only - with a wrist band and they came as early as the 1960s. This incorporated an LED digital display with an AM radio. Like I said, the LED caused interference with the radio when you pressed the display button. But at that time, most pop music stations were on AM radio Although by the early '80s, FM would dominate....

  4. I remember getting this for Christmas, the execution definitely suffered from the dearth of both technology and quality endemic to the 1970's...still, it was the thought that counted.


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