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Friday, February 01, 2013

Ed McMahon's Lost Album

(Cover of "And Me...I'm Ed McMahon...." Cameo/Parkway Records, 1967)

Like many TV, movie and radio celebrities, Ed McMahon took a stab at being a singer.

Well, he had the good sense to not cover any Beatles tunes (God know how many ruined renditions of "Hey Jude" I have heard from Bing Crosby to Kate Smith)

But there is plenty of creepiness afoot. Note that some of the songs on this album were about "girls" by a guy who even in 1967 was old enough to be a grandfather.

This one especially makes me nervous...give this one a spin (listen to the opening banter.):


(Thanks to Phil X. Milstein's Probe Is Turning On The People)


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