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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Forgotten Candy

Snik Snak (1968-1977) Snik-Snak was M&M/Mars answer to the hallowed (and much more successful) Kit Kat franchise of Nestle International (however through some long standing arrangement, Kit Kats are made by Hershey in the US.)

Hose Nose (1980s) This is a candy dispenser that looks like a nose that you strap to your face. It oozes candy slime and they encourage you to stick out your tongue and catch the drips from the nose (I'll bet you're all screaming "EWWW!!!!" right now.) Some of the slogans: “It’snot what you think”, “candy slime filled”, “drippy”, and “catch it on your tongue”. Yes, this candy encourages you to eat candy snot. And unless you're 10 years old, VERY forgettable....

Archie McPhee Gummy Maggots (1990s) Another gross candy. I’ve never heard another human being say - not even Andrew Zimmern. “Mmmm, these maggots are delicious!” Maybe Zimmern has said this, but I’ve never made it more than ten minutes into his show before violently barfing in the trash can and changing channels. (I’m more of a Guy Fieri/Adam Richman type of guy.)

Abba Zaba (1920-Present) Still made, but rarely seen east of the Rockies

Lik-M-Aid (1965-1982) This candy came with vanilla cream flavoured compressed sugar "dipping" sticks. Original flavours were Cherry, Grape and Orange (later Lime.) The name was changed to "Fun Dip" and they're now a part of Wonka's candy empire. 

   More here: http://candyaddict.com/blog/

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