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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Bonanza '88' Stores

Bonanza '88' Stores were a discount chain that dominated much of the Western half of the US from 1967 to 1987.

They began as an all 88¢ store. Everything in the store, 88¢. Or 2 for 88¢ (many cheap budget label record albums were offloaded this way.) Over time, they began offering a mix of higher and lower price items.

In the late 1980s, Bonanza '88' was renamed simply Bonanza and also offered a pharmacy. They were bought out by the Seattle based Bartell chain in the late '80s.

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  1. In my part of the country we had TG&Y, a chain founded in Oklahoma City that also lasted into the 1980s; and Gibsons. And both these stores made the likes of Dollar General look like freakin' Bloomingdale's. TG&Y had the more extensive music department of the two as I recall ... heavy on K-Tel and I vaguely remember seeing some of the Fantastic F's type stuff there -- which could be particularly gruesome (if you recall the Oddity Archive Record Ripoffs episodes). Until about a decade ago I had a TG&Y-branded 13" black and white TV in a white plastic cabinet. And it was remarkably long-lived -- its useful life was from the time I got it (in high school in the 1980s) until it went out in the middle of an episode of Robot Chicken on Adult Swim (yes I had it hooked up to cable! It was my "backup" TV that I kept in the back room). Several months after I dumped the dead TV I ran into a friend and went to his house and ... there it was. Sitting up on a shelf as a display. -- TK-S.


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