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Thursday, April 30, 2015

"The Captain Of Her Heart" Double (1985)


This song will save you $$$ in air conditioning costs. Just the sound of it drops the room temperature a few degrees and you swear you feel a soft, cool ocean breeze go by.

This song was a standard of the days of the "Lite" Adult Contemporary music on the 1980s radio dial. The kind of radio stations that played music and had imaging so light, you had to tether the office radio down to something secure to keep it from simply floating away.

Double (Pronounced DOO-Blay) was a Swiss pop duo of Kurt Maloo and Felix Haug. They formed originally as Ping Pong and in 1982, scored a minor hit in Europe on the German label Big Mouth with the catchy "Rhythm Walk".

The cover of Ping Pong's only LP

Ping Pong reformed as Double in 1983 and released a few European singles before recording their major label debut LP Blue which featured re-recordings of the earlier Double singles as well as "The Captain of Her Heart".

Double went on to release a second album in 1987 Dou3le. But aside from a critically well received single "Devil's Ball" there were no hits at all off this album. And Double called it a day.

Felix Haug sadly died of a heart attack in 2004. Kurt Maloo is still active.


  1. I wonder why we Jocks were not told to pronounce it Doo Bley. I only heard everone at every station in SF say double.

  2. It depended on the station PD. Some PDs made it a point at first to get all jocks to say "do-BLEY" - KEZX in Seattle was one such station, but over time, even they were calling them "Double".. But for the most part, it was pronounced "Double". I figured they probably thought the band's pronunciation of their own name "do-BLEY" without proper accent mark when it's spelled "Double" was too over the top for most listeners.

  3. This is a good song. Female jazz/soul singer Randy Crawford does a great version. The jazz group Don Randi/Quest also did a good instrumental version.


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