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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sing It Again, Sam!: The Inimitable Song Stylings of Sam Sacks - Sam Sacks (Arliss, 1961)

Sam Sacks was unquestionably an underrated musical genius. While Florence Foster Jenkins and Nina Hagen could sing a few notes on key once in a while. Sam Sacks' gift was he utterly could not. Even accidentally.

 Inimitable he was. You just don't run into this utter lack of talent everyday.

Listen as he barnstorms through "Secret Love", "Diana", "That Old Black Magic" and many other 1940s and '50s pop standards. And I do mean barnstorm. You can't even get the first thought of an opinion together (due to your shock in hearing this) before he whips into another tune (imagine the feelings of the musicians trying to keep up with him!)

I'm not sure, but this sounds like it was recorded in one big harried take (you can hear him argue with the engineer - even retake "Secret Love".)

No producer is credited. And you can hear why.

Sinatra has nothing on Sam Sacks.

Enjoy.....If you can.

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