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Sunday, September 07, 2014

"Bras On 45" Ivor Biggun & The D-Kups (Dead Badger, 1981)

Listen here

In 1981, a Dutch group called Stars On 45 made a horrifying disco-fied medley of Beatles songs that actually was a worldwide smash hit in June of that year (don't laugh, it actually went to #1 in the US.)

This is still the longest song title ever for a 45 RPM single at 41 words....

Bear in mind, these weren't the original Beatles recordings stringed together (EMI would NEVER have allowed that), but the Stars On 45s were pretty good imitators (or at least significantly better than anything you hear at the karaoke bar down the street) and they did fool quite a few people.

The success of Stars On 45 made them ripe for parody, which UK TV personality Ivor Biggun   did with "Bras on 45". Ivor Biggun's parody on reached #50 in the UK and never charted in the US, but it was widely played on The Dr. Demento Show.

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  1. Great flashback, Larry. Here's the original 1980 bootleg that Stars on 45 recreated almost exactly (from 6:01 on).



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