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Friday, May 23, 2014

MTV Hot Hits From Cherry 7-Up Cassette (MCA Special Products, 1988)

These cassettes were loss leaders, yours free with two 2 liter bottles of Cherry 7-Up in 1988.


  1. Looks like all MCA artists.
    These tapes weren't really loss-leaders; The late-1960s Warner Bros double-LP promos (available by mail) were (WB took a loss to promote groups on their roster that were unknown hoping to sell more LPs).
    This is more cross-promotion for 7-Up and MTV (sweepstakes) -- the songs were already popular. They spent less on these cassettes than on a 0:30 second commercial, and probably got more attention from their target audience.

  2. Not all MCA artists...

    Tayne Dayne (Arista)
    ABC (Mercury)
    Bon Jovi (Mercury)
    Level 42 (Polydor)
    Loverboy (Columbia)

    At the time, Mercury and Polydor were a part of PolyGram. MCA/Universal wouldn't buy them out until 1998. Arista was a part of BMG and now owned by Sony, which owned Columbia since 1990.


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