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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cristy Lane

 Someone asked me a question the other day "Who is Cristy Lane?"

Well, damn good question really. It seems like the only place people ever know her from is her TV ads. And one might even compare her to a vanity act like Dora Hall. But even though that wouldn't be totally accurate, there's no denying the ubiquitous TV direct marketing campaigns she's had over the last few decades.

But a primer.....

Cristy Lane was a country singer from the '70s. And while she's considered a one hit wonder, peaking with her only #1 in 1980 with a cover of a song called "One Day At A Time", she actually had a few other lesser country hits.

But then she began marketing her gospel music side on TV. And that seemed to be where the money was, as she only had 11 studio albums and 26 compilation albums.

Most of which were sold on these TV ads. All of them featuring "One Day At A Time", either her original recording or a re-recording

But here's another fact, the original version of that song is by Marilyn Sellars, who made it famous in 1974 (the song was actually written by Kris Kristofferson.)

Most people assume Cristy Lane made the original version. But after Cristy Lane had her #1 with it with her relentless TV promotions of that song, that's probably to be expected.

It's not the only song she's covered and promoted to the point of confusion. She covered ABBA's "I Have A Dream", retitled "I Believe In Angels".

She owns a theater in Branson, Missouri and continues to perform today.

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  1. I heard the commercials and personally there is no way in hell I would ever confuse Christy Lane with ABBA.


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