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Monday, August 12, 2013

More Old Food

 It's amazing what lurks forgotten in the backs of some people's cupboards.......

Town House was a Safeway brand.


  1. I was in Vancouver, Washington, a couple weeks ago and saw a Safeway for the first time in years. They used to be big here in Idaho, but they pulled out in the early 80s. The town I grew up in had two of them. One is a dollar store now. The other is the alternative high school.

    Yes, really.

  2. Safeway is very active here in Western Washington. Albertsons, once ubiquitous everywhere here have disappeared in many places, save for the larger cities. Namely around the Seattle area.

  3. It's not usual to use former supermarket buildings as schools and even health clubs. Better than having a big ugly abandoned concrete box.....

  4. Safeway stores used to be widespread in the United Kingdom (including one near my parents' house that I remember being frequently dragged around as a child!)

    From what I remember, their stores were generally more moderately-sized than the likes of (e.g.) Asda.

    I believe they started out as a subsidiary of the American parent- complete with the same "S" logo- before being spun off in the 1980s. Just over ten years ago, they were bought out by rival chain Morrisons and the name disappeared completely.


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