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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas In The Northwest

"Christmas In The Northwest" Brenda Kutz-White (1985)

Now if you're not from the Pacific Northwest area, you probably will not understand this song. Or why Seattle folks still get a lump in their throats whenever they hear it.

Some people say Northwest folks are a proud, almost to the point of smug, bunch. And to be fair, they have a point. We don't have to go far for world class gourmet Asian food. We love our Seahawks, our high octane espresso....

...as well as our insatiable tattoo cravings.

We also got legal bud now too.

But most of all, of the fact we live in an area surrounded by such pristine natural beauty.

Around the holidays, you learn to get a taste for local products like egg nog lattes, Frangos and Almond Rocha. Or if you dare, Aplets & Cotlets. I'm not particularly a fan, but some people have a thing for them.

And Christmas In The Northwest. Which not only became a regional Christmas anthem, it is also the name of a best selling regional yearly album collection in the 1980s through today.

The concept for the album came when Alex Lawson (daughter of Steve and Debbie Lawson) was admitted to Children’s Hospital at the age of 2, suffering from E.coli. The Lawsons were so impressed with the treatment their daughter received, along with the care they received during their family crisis that they wanted to do something in return for the hospital.

The Lawsons then owned Lawson Productions; a Seattle based recording company which later became Bad Animals/Seattle. They enlisted help from an “A” list of the Seattle music world to provide contemporary Christmas music for the first and subsequent CDs.

Artists have included Dave Matthews, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart...

....Kenny G, Steve Miller, David Lanz and Paul Speer, Tickle Tune Typhoon, Tim Noah, and Walt Wagner. The first album launched the hit song “Christmas in the Northwest”, written and sung by Brenda Kutz. That song has become a Northwest classic.


And if you like what you hear, you can get copies on the ChristmasInTheNorthwest.com web site.


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