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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Rock N' Roll Anagram Fun

An anagram is taking the letters of a name and rearranging them to spell something completely (more or less) different....

So let's take some famous musicians names and make some anagrams out of them......

Aaron Neville (Inane All Over)
Aerosmith (To Mishear)
Al Green (General)
Al Stewart (Salt Water)
Alanis Morrisette (Ole Satanist Miser or Toe Slime In Rats Ass)
Alice Cooper (Cool! A Recipe)
Amy Grant (Ran At Gym or Gnat Army)
Avril Lavigne (Vain Villager)
Axl Rose (Oral Sex)
Bangles (Ban Legs)
The Beatles (Stab The Eel)
Belinda Carlisle (Indelible Rascal)
Bonnie Raitt (Nairobi Tent)
Britney Spears (Presbyterians)
Carly Simon (Moan Lyrics)
Carole King (Genial Rock)
The Carpenters (Peter Snatcher)
The Cars (The Scar)
Cyndi Lauper (Nearly Cupid)
Deana Carter (A Cat Rear End)
Dio (I Do or Do I)
Dion (No ID)
Faith Hill (Hail Filth)
Faith No More (Moron Thief)
Foo Fighters (Go Offer Shit)
Green Day (Near Edgy)
Gretchen Wilson (The Clown Singer)
Gwen Stefani (I Get New Fans)
Hall And Oates (Ethanol Salad)
Janis Ian (Is A Ninja)
Jim Morrison (Mr. Mojo Risin')
Meat Loaf (Fame? A lot)
Metallica (Camel Tail)
Motley Crue (My Cruel Toe)
Nancy Sinatra (A Racist Nanny)
Natalie Cole (Anal Toe Lice)
Paul McCartney (Pay Mr. Clean Cut)
Pearl Jam (Maple Jar)
Peter, Paul And Mary (Dye A Tan Ram Purple)
Plastic Ono Band (Cannibals Do Pot)
The Ramones (The Moaners)
REO Speedwagon (Renegade Swoop)
Rod Stewart (Rated Worst)
Ronettes (Teens Rot)
The Smiths (Them Shits)
Steely Dan (Ten Slay Ed)
Steve Miller Band (Timberland Elves)
Stevie Nicks (I Sicken Vets)
System Of A Down (Fast New Sodomy)
Tanya Tucker (Tacky Nature)
Tori Amos (Is A Motor)
Trisha Yearwood (Sweaty Hair Odor)
Used (Sued)
Van Halen (Hen Navel)
Yellow Card (Yell Coward)

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